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3 Things Not to Do While Bowling


When a group of friends go bowling, they often neglect the various notions that are warned about prior to going. Bowling is a sport that requires concentration, but it’s also seen as a fun pastime for families and friends. To combine the two and assure that your bowling experience will be safe and fun, follow these three guidelines!

Throw While the Sweep is Down

The sweep is the large mechanical barrier that comes down between throws and bowlers to knock the existing pins down. If you’re not paying attention and throw while this wall is down, it could cause problems for not only the bowling alley, but to your bowling ball as well. There is a reason the wall comes down and goes back up quickly, but it’s important to pay attention.

Eat or Drink on the Walk Up

The area where bowlers make their final steps up to the line and throw are kept very clean and smooth for a reason. A sliding start is common amongst individuals and could be altered if members of your group spill food or beverages in that area. To avoid a messy or unsafe situation, it’s best to keep all food and drinks behind the wooden walk up.

Disrespect Other Bowlers

There is a line between going bowling to have fun with friends and attending to honestly better your game. If you notice other bowlers around you are taking the game much more seriously than you may be, have some respect and avoid distracting them. There is plenty of time to have fun and be silly with your fellow bowlers, but while others are shooting it’s important to be a little quieter.

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