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5 Reasons to Join a Bowling League


Bowling is something that everybody loves. It can be played competitively, but it’s also a sport that people can enjoy and just relax and have fun, no added pressure. Because of this, there are many great reasons to join a league. It’s not only a set time during the week for fun and laughter, but it can benefit you as well.


Negative perceptions and stereotypes about bowling assume there are no health benefits. This is absolutely wrong! You can tone muscle, decrease stress, and burn calories, all while having fun. Bowling assists with gaining balance, coordination, and motor skills. We go into further detail of bowling health benefits here.


I’m sure most of us knew this about bowling. If you join a league, you get to socialize and laugh with friends. As well as drink beer and eat pizza and wings, if you’re into that sort of thing.

New Friends

Along with fun, you make new friends by bowling, and some of them will stay with you throughout your lifetime. Friends are great for our mental wellbeing. Spending time and having fun reduces stress, as previously mentioned.

Adaptable and Flexible

One of the greatest reasons you should join a league… you don’t have to be good! Anyone of any level, from young to old, can participate and do well. It can be enjoyed leisurely or you can compete with other leagues. Leagues typically meet one time a week, so they can be flexible according to your schedule.

Money Value

Bowling is a relatively cheap activity, even if you do it weekly. The costs for a league go to the bowling costs and the prize fund, which you may receive back. Bowling alleys often offer other benefits to league members, such as discounts for recreational bowling and deals at the pro shop.

You can’t go wrong participating in an activity that is fun, adaptable and flexible, gives you a bang for your buck, and allows you to make new friends all while getting healthier! Whether you’re competitive and looking to increase your strike average, or a beginner wanting to do better, a comfortable and durable wrist guard will be to your advantage. At Striker Elite, we offer customized bowling wrist guards to help you gain a better release. Contact us for further questions. 

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