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Finding the Right Bowling Ball Cover Stock

If you’re invested in your bowling game, you’re bound to be invested in the kind of ball you choose to play with. There is a wide array of differences between one bowling ball and the next and in many cases, it comes down to the cover stock of the ball. Each version will provide a different purpose in the [...]

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Tips for Beginning Bowlers Pt. 4

With the final steps in place for beginning your bowling experience, you’re ready to start focusing on the fine details of landing strikes and perfect scores! From equipment to timing and approaches, now you’ll want to pay attention to how the ball makes its mark on the pins.SpeedThere’s really no rhyme or reason to what speed will nail [...]

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Tips for Beginning Bowlers Pt. 3

You’re slowly but surely becoming more and more ready to take on the bowling lanes without our help. First, learn about some of the important processes you’ll experience when bowling.The ApproachOnce you’ve nailed the idea of consistency and timing, it’s time to let the ball go off on its own through the approach. You’re going to put everything together [...]

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Tips for Beginning Bowlers Pt. 2

Now that you’ve got the perfect aim and a ball to go with, you’ll need the next steps for beginning your bowling journey. Part two of beginning bowling tips consist of techniques that will get you headed in the right direction.Consistency Once you determine the perfect spot for you to release your ball, keep that formation in the back of [...]

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Tips for Beginning Bowlers Pt. 1

When it comes to one of America’s most beloved sporting events, starting your bowling career will come with practice, patience, and technique. There are a number of different strategies that come with successful bowling as well as a plethora of equipment you might find helpful in your start up! No matter what age or skill set you’ve got, there’s [...]

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Perfect Strike Series: Straight Bowling Shot

Continuing on with our perfect strike series is learning about the straight bowling shot. Throwing a hook ball, like you read in the last blog, may seem like the preferred option, but a straight shot does have its benefits. Straight vs hook should not be misconstrued as individual styles such as cranker, stroker, spinner, tweener, and so on. You [...]

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5 Reasons to Join a Bowling League

Bowling is something that everybody loves. It can be played competitively, but it’s also a sport that people can enjoy and just relax and have fun, no added pressure. Because of this, there are many great reasons to join a league. It’s not only a set time during the week for fun and laughter, but it can benefit you [...]

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Bowling Styles: Stroker

The third bowling style that is rather popular is the Stroker. Before going any further, no technique is better than the other. Each has its benefits and downfalls, and they are each the key for a different situation. Knowledge is power though, so we’ll continue on to the meat of this style.This month we’ll talk about the “Stroker”: StrokerBowlers [...]

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Health Benefits of Bowling

Bowling is enjoyed by 95 million people worldwide. Not surprising! This universal sport is great fun and a popular social activity for many, but did you know bowling also has great health benefits as well? Bowling is an excellent way to keep you physically and emotionally healthy.Physical benefits:Bowling is a great low impact sport to keep you healthy. First [...]

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Perfect Strike Series: Hooked Bowling Shot

You have your approach practiced perfectly, and you have practiced a little to understand the oil patterns better. What’s next? Deciding on the type of bowling shot. Each bowler has their own form, and after getting into the swing of things, you’ll find what’s comfortable and easiest for you. Some people bowl relatively straight, others curve their ball.As for [...]

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