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Bowling Styles: Spinner

Welcome back to one of our series discussing the most common bowling styles! Whether you are a beginner or are familiar with the game, it’s important to learn about various bowling styles. Are you curious to find out where you lie within the styles? Interested in converting within the techniques? Or are you just wondering which you should choose [...]

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How to Pick Up Bowling Splits

There are some things we can’t seem to avoid in life; one of these is getting a split in bowling. We don’t always get strikes, and sometimes obtaining a spare may not be so easy, either. We’ll give you a few tips for picking up that split so you can get that spare!There are many different split combinations; [...]

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Perfect Strike Series: Understanding the Oil Pattern

Continuing on with the perfect strike series, understanding the oil pattern is the next step. Professionals and other experienced players know this subject very well, as they’ve been observing lanes and their shots each time. Oil on the lanes is very important; not only does it protect the surface of the lanes, it allows the ball to hook.Understanding the [...]

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Choosing the Right Bowling Ball

So you’ve fallen in love with the sport of bowling; of course. Well the next step is to purchase your own ball! House balls are okay, but one fitted specifically for you will help you perform better as well as reduce the risk of injuries. Three things to remember when choosing the right bowling ball is to choose [...]

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Perfect Strike Series: The Approach

Who doesn’t love the feeling after getting a strike? And who wouldn’t love getting the perfect strike every time? That’s why we’re starting a perfect strike series that will cover all the ins and outs of capturing that bowling holy grail. We’ll be going over the approach, aiming, oil patterns, and curving.To get us started, let’s cover the approach:Foot [...]

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Bowling Styles: Cranker

There are multiple different styles to bowling; some players stay true to one style, and others mix it up a bit. Whether you are new to the game or not, it’s likely you will settle into your own groove. Throughout bowling history though, a couple styles have come to stand out as great methods for anyone looking to [...]

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Recommended Bowling Equipment

From beginners to experts in bowling, it’s important to know the different tools and gear needed to perform your very best. We’ll be going over a list of the main equipment and accessories that will come in handy as well as the importance of each.1. Bowling BallThe first piece of equipment needed for bowling is, of course, the ball! [...]

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3 Reasons You Need a Wrist Guard in Bowling

There are many pieces of equipment that are needed to begin bowling either competitively or recreationally. They range from basic pieces such as the ball (of course!) and shoes to wrist support, powder, and more. Here we will go over some of the top reasons you would need a wrist guard for bowling.1. It gives beginners better control of the [...]

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The Importance of the Release in Bowling – Striker Wrist Support

Bowling has become a great pastime as those of all skill levels are able to enjoy a few frames without much concern or frustration. But for those that have made the pastime their sport of choice, becoming an advanced bowler includes a ton of variables from gear, to technique, to the lane condition itself. One thing is for sure, [...]

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Back to Bowling

It is that time of year again! Back to Bowling and Striker wants to help you have your best season ever...get your Striker Wrist Support today!Also, we want to post your success stories right here, so please email your success stories to marty.alivo@strikerwristguard.comAny 300 games out there yet?Have a Great Season and check back [...]

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