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Finding the Right Bowling Ball Cover Stock


If you’re invested in your bowling game, you’re bound to be invested in the kind of ball you choose to play with. There is a wide array of differences between one bowling ball and the next and in many cases, it comes down to the cover stock of the ball. Each version will provide a different purpose in the strategy of your bowling game. To give you a better idea of what you should be looking for between various options, we’ve created a list to differentiate the various designs. Before we jump in to a variety of cover stocks, you should know what one is to begin with. Each bowling ball comes with an outer surface, or shell if you may, that plays a role in how the ball will react to the surface of the floor as well as the pins.

Rubber Coverstock

This specific kind of coverstock was primarily used in the 70’s and 80’s for those that seek slightly more surface friction than that provided by a polyester ball. For this reason, the scent and limited versatility have caused the rubber coverstock to become extinct essentially.

Polyester Coverstock

As per the last description, Polyester coverstock grew to overshadow rubber coverstock with its ability to perform in the least aggressive way possible. They will provide bowlers the ability to shoot straight down the lane, hence, leaving this coverstock as the most popular version amongst most bowlers.

Urethane Coverstock

While the plastic (polyester) ball has grown in popularity, the Urethane version of coverstock is a close second, if not first for some. This kind of ball is capable of covering more boards than a plastic ball and approaches the pocket with a greater angle. With so much control and coverage, this ball is a great contender.

Between these three versions, there are similarities and differences. The strategy in which you’re aiming for will depend highly on the kind of ball you choose to purchase. Keep these differences in mind when you’re growing your collection through the next purchase! For more bowling tips and tricks visit Striker’s website!

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