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Health Benefits of Bowling


Bowling is enjoyed by 95 million people worldwide. Not surprising! This universal sport is great fun and a popular social activity for many, but did you know bowling also has great health benefits as well? Bowling is an excellent way to keep you physically and emotionally healthy.

Physical benefits:

Bowling is a great low impact sport to keep you healthy. First and foremost, bowling gets you moving! We’re all aware how dangerous a sedentary lifestyle can be. It’s one of the leading factors of heart disease. Bowling can lower your risk of stroke and heart attack and lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure. It also improves circulation and bone density.

Bowling tones and strengthens your muscles. Through repeated arm and hand movements during your release, your shoulders, arms, chest, and even leg muscles get stronger. The twisting and stretching of your arm and wrist works your tendons and ligaments. This is all excellent, but if you should feel some discomfort, a customized wrist support could be of great use for you.

It also provides some weight loss as well. Bowling speeds up your metabolism. With a higher metabolism, you lose more weight during normal day to day activities. During an average game, based on your amount of effort, you can burn between 170 and 300 calories.

Emotional Benefits:

There are excellent mental and emotional benefits to bowling, as well. Bowling is a very social game. After all, isn’t that one of the main reasons people gather together to participate? It’s a popular sport because it can be competitive or simply for fun. Bowling is used to bond with coworkers and friends, and you can gain new friends by joining a league.

Bowling decreases stress. Overall, exercise releases endorphins in your brain, the “feel good” chemicals. Endorphins produce a feeling of euphoria, which decreases tension and stress. Socializing with colleagues and other fellow bowlers also reduces stress.

With all of these fantastic health benefits, why would you not go out bowling? This popular sport is great for socializing and protecting you from heart disease—what could be better? If you choose to get into this sport, either competitively or socially on a regular basis, some equipment may be needed. Wrist support that is comfortable and customized to you is a great addition. Contact us to learn more about our customized wrist guards. 

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