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Maintaining Manners in Bowling


In our daily lives we follow a list of guidelines that teach us how to respect and use manners when around others. In sports, there is another list that athletes follow to show fellow teammates and competitors a sense of respect. This list differs between sports, but the main ideas are always the same in that the point is to provide fairness and appreciation for the game. Bowling has its own rules that members of the game should follow to assure the quality of the game.

1.Show up to your games on time.

2.Wait your turn.

3.Use your own equipment unless granted permission.

4.Do not eat or drink in the bowling area.

5.Stay in your designated lane for the approach.

6.Take your time, but take your shot in a timely period.

7.Avoid marking the lanes if others don’t agree to your alterations.

8.Wait for the pin setting machine to finish sweeping and setting pins to shoot.

9.Be silent when other members are shooting their ball.

10.Keep your negative emotions to yourself and just have fun!

While there may be a set list to abide by when it comes to manners, the game of bowling is unique in that each player may have a different thought process or action than the person following them. Maintain a positive attitude and you’ll almost always be able to get through your game of bowling without any negative surprises. To prepare yourself for the manners and fun you’ll have while bowling, visit Striker’s website today! 

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