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Perfect Strike Series: Straight Bowling Shot


Continuing on with our perfect strike series is learning about the straight bowling shot. Throwing a hook ball, like you read in the last blog, may seem like the preferred option, but a straight shot does have its benefits. Straight vs hook should not be misconstrued as individual styles such as cranker, stroker, spinner, tweener, and so on. You can learn more about those individual blogs on our page.

Now we’ll discuss how to throw a straight ball:

Throwing Straight

As you’ve guessed, it’s important to keep your wrist and hand as straight as possible throughout the release and follow through. A particular style of bowling is called spinning. This style provides a relatively straight shot, and it can be very accurate when needed to pick up spares. You can learn more about this style here.

Throwing a straight ball has its advantages and disadvantages just like everything else. One advantage is that it requires very little practice to perfect. This option allows you to throw the ball with power and without affecting the trajectory of the shot. It is a key choice in picking up spares because it provides for better accuracy. Some of the disadvantages are that pins don’t fall like you assume they should. The result may vary each throw because you have minimal control over the pins.

After reading this, it seems like a hooked shot is the better option right? Not exactly. Hooked shots don’t make you a great bowler. Versatility is the key to the game. The game is always changing based on the lane conditions and where the pins land, meaning you need to change your game each time you step up to the approach as well.

Practice each strategy and style out; see what may fit you best! You can even tweak your style based on the specific pin strategy and oil pattern. A straight shot requires a straight wrist during your release. Striker Elite offers an excellent customized wrist guard that will help you excel in your game. Contact us for more information. 

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