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The Strides to a Strike


Some may say bowling has a lot to do with luck, but little do they know that there are a number of intricate details that go into the success of your bowling career. Whether you’re selecting the ball or planning out your approach, there is a strategy in how a bowler operates. In regards to finding the “luck” that is really skill when coming across a strike, take the time to plan out your strides to perfect your toss every time!

Finding your perfect position is up to you, the bowler. There won’t be an “X” that marks where you should start or stop, but after a few times down the lane you’ll devise a mental “X” that feels right to you. Once you’ve found this position to begin your approach and end it, your actual toss will follow. This will come naturally as the rest of it has in that you’ll remember the best arm placement at the start of your toss as well as the follow-through that will lead your ball exactly where you want it to go time after time.

Aiming Tips:

  • Start from a distance that feels right (typically 4 steps)
  • Remain balanced with one foot forward while one arm is back holding the ball
  • Establish your target after each toss
  • Visualize a path before letting go
  • Release the ball when it feels right, not based on your observation of others

Seem like the answer to a perfect strike is pretty broad? Well it is. No one can show you what’s best for you or lay out the perfect example of how to get a strike based on your strides leading up to it. It’s up to you to get out there and attempt different practices that will give you the results you’re looking for. If you’re not seeing those results due to physical restrictions on your arms and wrists, let Striker attempt to help you! 

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