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Your 10 Bowling Must-Haves


Each sport on the map has its own list of things you should come prepared with, and prepared for. Bowling is unique in that rather than coming prepared with a messy array of physical supplies, you’ll likely find more success from mental preparing. While you will need certain equipment in order to participate, take a look at these ten things that you should have on you, both physically and mentally, when you hit the lanes!


This can include anything from the bowling ball to your shoes, as well as your wrist support and everything in between!


If you can time out your footing and actions perfectly, you’re on the right track to nailing a strike time after time!

3.Wrist Position

Maintaining a proper hook and follow-through is crucial to managing the direction of your throw.

4.Starting Spot

Consistency is key with bowling and if you can determine the perfect starting spot in your initial throw, you’ll find balance in each toss to come.


Once you’ve set each of these components just right, your approach will be flawless!


Nothing in life turns out well by rushing. Take your time up until your release to result in a guided throw every time.

7.Target Point

Maintaining eye contact with your center pin will help you to release in the perfect spot at the perfect time.


Complete your shot by following-through your throw. Your arm and wrist should be parallel with the ground at shoulder length when you let go of the ball.


If your toss has a curve to it, it’s important to release in a spot that won’t compromise your throw by aiming too far left or right.

10.Pin Contact

If you put all of this together, you’re sure to land a strike every time by approaching, releasing, and following through consistently every time!

If your list is falling short due to trouble with your wrist and hand placement, let Striker help you out! We’re just the thing you’re looking for when it comes to supporting your bowling success! 

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