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How to Prepare for a Bowling Tournament


Whether you’re a first time bowler or you’ve been taking on the lanes for years, everyone has a process they go through when it comes time to prepare for a big event. If you’re preparing for your first or fifth bowling tournament, there are some universal tactics you should be aware of to get ready both mentally and physically. To be sure you’re ready to earn that next big trophy, follow some of these practices to prepare for your next bowling tournament!

Don’t Overthink

It’s common for individuals to picture an end result well before it’s due. When it comes to bowling, you’re not alone if you begin imagining your game as a whole rather than shot by shot. If you find yourself stressing about the final score, take a step back and focus on the shot you’re currently taking. If you put too much pressure on how round 7 could go, you’ll miss out on the perfect shot you could be taking in round 1.

Don’t Get Distracted

A bowling alley may be full of distracting sounds, people, and visuals, but it’s important to focus on what you’re doing in the moment rather than what a player a few lanes down is up to. If you begin to notice that your competitor is throwing some great shots, don’t watch them as closely. You’re there to boost your own score, not the ego of those around you.

Don’t Rush

There are a number of sports that require speed and endurance; however, bowling is not one of them. Whether you’re taking your approach or setting up your foot work, it’s important to take your time to assure you’re doing it right rather than quickly. Consistency is an important factor in the success of any bowling game so getting flustered and rushing one round and taking your time the next will not end well. Maintain a steady pace the whole way through

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