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Tips for Beginning Bowlers Pt. 1

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When it comes to one of America’s most beloved sporting events, starting your bowling career will come with practice, patience, and technique. There are a number of different strategies that come with successful bowling as well as a plethora of equipment you might find helpful in your start up! No matter what age or skill set you’ve got, there’s a method that will be just right for you.

Finding the Right Ball:

The right bowling ball isn’t as simple as choosing the one with the coolest marble-like design or the one that feels the lightest when you pick it up. It’s rather the opposite in that you’ll want to choose a ball that weighs about ten percent of your body weight so that you’re creating a good balance. Another aspect to finding the right ball comes with the finger grip sizes. You’ll want to find a ball with finger holes that you aren’t drowning in, but you’re also not cutting off your circulation either. It’s important not to stretch your hand when you’ve got a grip on the ball as this will throw off your aim. You should have enough space between your palm and the ball so that you can fit a pinky finger in the gap, but not too much that you’re not enclosing your hand at all.

Setting Up to Aim

If you really want to impress your fellow bowlers with your “beginner” skills, take your knowledge of aim to the next level. It’s important to set up your stride and body positions before attempting to throw your ball down the lane. To do this, straighten the wrist of the hand you’re holding the ball with and keep your positioning all the way through your throw. Once you reach the point where you’ll let go of the bowling ball, rotate your wrist towards the opposite side of your body and let go of the ball. Your hand should end up near your ankle and follow through to a parallel “handshake” position for your release.

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