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Tips for Beginning Bowlers Pt. 2


Now that you’ve got the perfect aim and a ball to go with, you’ll need the next steps for beginning your bowling journey. Part two of beginning bowling tips consist of techniques that will get you headed in the right direction.


Once you determine the perfect spot for you to release your ball, keep that formation in the back of your mind for your next throw. Creating consistency in your stance, throw, and standing location will allow your memory to pick up on the strategies that are working for you. Now that you’re beginning to remember the times in which you were successful in past bowling outings, recreate those techniques to provide you with consistency.


It may sound silly because there are really no time 

limits in bowling, but nailing your timing will result in a much better bowling performance. Taking one step too many or letting go of the ball too early can really alter your bowling game in a less than desirable way. To be sure your timing is manageable, be cautious of where your body parts are at any given time during your approach. You should always be able to line up one part of your body with another to be sure that your timing remains consistent. For example, watch where your foot lands when you toss the ball and how it relates to the position of your arm when you throw. From there, be certain to allow for enough time and space between each limb so that the ball leaves your grasp at the same place in reference to something on your body.

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