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Tips for Beginning Bowlers Pt. 3

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You’re slowly but surely becoming more and more ready to take on the bowling lanes without our help. First, learn about some of the important processes you’ll experience when bowling.

The Approach

Once you’ve nailed the idea of consistency and timing, it’s time to let the ball go off on its own through the approach. You’re going to put everything together to create an approach that will leave you with a great ball every time. The key to a great approach is positioning your body properly. Depending on the way in which you want to let go of the ball, you’ll alter your hand and wrist accordingly. There are two popular throws that require different approaches:

  • A Hook Shot
  • A Straight Ball

Depending on the shot, you’ll want to either curve your arm and wrist for a hook shot or be sure to keep your entire arm and wrist in line for a straight ball. Regardless of the type of shot, it’s important to put together the timing, hand/wrist positioning, and consistency together to leave you with a fool-proof approach.

The Follow-Through

You may have let go of the ball, but you’re not finished just yet! Now it’s time for the follow-through to assure that you’re guiding the ball in the right direction as it leaves your hand. Once you release, your hand should pass your ankles and then end up in a position parallel to your shoulders. Depending on how you’d like the ball to end up, you’ll either result in a position with your hand perpendicular to the ground or palm up.

If you’re interested in learning about more bowling tips for beginners or experts, visit Striker’s website today! 

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