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What's Considered Appropriate Bowling Attire?


Unless you’re in a league where attire is essentially chosen for you, bowling attire is pretty casual, giving you the opportunity to decide what to wear and how to wear it. There are a few guidelines that will keep you safe and comfortable while in a bowling alley, so we’ve developed a list of appropriate clothing staples that will provide you with a proper bowling outfit.


This is one part of the outfit that is mandatory. The flooring of a bowling alley makes it crucial for bowlers to have the proper shoes that will prevent slipping and falling. Even aside from personal safety, wearing proper bowling shoes will keep the bowling lanes from getting damaged and scuffed from traction with everyday sneakers and boots. Bowling shoes are designed to provide a comfortable stride while also braking in necessary times to prevent you from crossing the lane line onto the waxy surface.

Shirts and Shorts

Wearing a shirt that gives your arms the freedom to move in any and all directions is important. Without an adaptable fabric, a shirt may feel as though it is restricting you from moving your arms to their full length to wind up and throw the ball. The same goes for shorts as you’ll want to wear bottoms with a fabric that allows your legs to move in strides rather than feel constricted.

The general dress code for bowling tends to be very laid back as there are a number of individuals that come in for a rainy day or a night off with friends. That being said, a strict dress code has not been put in place, nor will it ever unless there is a tournament of some kind. 

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